How can SAMGroup help me?

Get Organised


The team at SAM Group can help you get organised in the following ways:

a. Analyse your cash flow
b. Determine you goals and future targets
c. Implement a budget
d. Analyse and arrange the best structure for your assets


SAMGroup Get organised

Create Wealth

Create Wealth

Whatever financial security means to you, it begins with a plan for accumulating wealth.

By following some simple and yet important “Tips and Traps” you should be able to put in place a short and long term wealth accumulation program. You could be surprised at what you can achieve with simple and consistent strategies. We can help you understand the concepts of wealth accumulation through appropriate and diversified financial strategies whilst considering your current situation and objectives.

a. Make the most of your superannuation
b. Prepare for retirement
c. Take advantage of economic and legislative changes
d. Investment advice



Protect Wealth

How would your family cope if suddenly you could no longer work?

Most people don’t think it will happen to them and don’t arrange appropriate protection. The importance of personal insurance such as life and income protection insurance is underestimated.

Australians suffer around 48,000 strokes each year —that’s one every 11 minutes. Pretty scary, right?
Equally scary is the fact that one in three men and one in four women will be diagnosed with cancer before they reach 75.

At SAM Group we’ll help you take appropriate steps to protect you and your family from financial hardships caused by injury, sickness or death.

a. Income Protection Strategies
b. Protect you, your family and your assets should you:

  • Suffer a critical illness
  • Become permanently and totally disabled
  • In the event of death

c. Provide estate planning advice

Protect wealth SAMGroup

Build your business

Build Your Business

The team at SAMGroup can help your business grow in the following ways:

a. Business Strategy Development
b. Ongoing Financial Diagnosis